American Blonde d'Aquitaine Association

ABAA Membership Information


Active Member
Owners or breeders of Blonde cattle who are current with dues of $50 annually - may vote at member meetings; hold office as a director; register cattle at fees established for active members; receive newsletters, directories and other publications; attend and participate in ABAA activities.
Associate Member
Pay fee of $50 annually; non-voting members who have an interest in the advancement of the ABAA and Blonde cattle; may register cattle; may not hold elective office; must reside outside the United States; are strongly encouraged to participate in annual meetings and other organization activities; will receive newsletters, directories and other publications.

Honorary Member
Active members who have made an outstanding contribution to the ABAA or to the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed; appointed by unanimous decision of the board of directors; have lifetime membership in ABAA without paying annual fees; have all the rights and responsibilities of active membership.

Commercial Member
Pay fee of $25 annually; may not vote or hold elective office or register cattle; recognized for their interest in the ABAA and Blonde d'Aquitaine breed; receive newsletters, directories and other publications; encouraged to participate in ABAA activities.

Junior Member
Pay one-time membership fee of $5 and enjoy membership until age 18; may register as many as five cattle per calendar year in his or her name at the fees set for Active members.  May not vote or hold office but is encouraged to participate in all ABAA activities.  Will receive all organization publications.


View the current ABAA membership directory here.